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Business Arabic Courses In Dubai

Searching for the best Business Arabic courses in Dubai? Our small groups for general or spoken Arabic classes are taught by native speaking teacher our aim is to give participants the best chance to improve their pronunciation. We use the latest course materials and interactive technology to make our business Arabic courses fun and effective. Looking for one-to-one lessons? For those who want private business Arabic courses in Dubai for quick progress and flexible timings, we have a selection of private business Arabic tutors. Here, our native teachers will tailor a professional Arabic course to your needs – particularly helpful for participants who need Arabic writing coaching or an Arabic pronunciation course. A semi-private business Arabic course is also an option if you have a small group of friends or colleagues who want to learn at the same time

The Benefits Of Working With Us

Focus on what you need to learn

So that you can put your learning into practice straight away. We structure our courses to incorporate Arabic words, phrases and terminology which are specific to your business and job role.

Totally flexible learning

You can choose to learn with one-to-one training, or in a group of up to 15 of your colleagues. Our Arabic for Business Language Courses can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Free Consultation

We will discuss your objectives and your current level of Arabic before your course starts to ensure we provide exactly the training you need.


Our business language courses are structured to include all the words, phrases, and terminology needed to overcome the language barriers in specific business sectors. We have extensive experience of working across many business sectors. So, you tell us what you need to know and the situations where you need to use your target language and we will design a bespoke business language course to suit you.

We specialize in crafting bespoke business language courses for a wide range of sectors including:

Business communication


Government departments


Our Courses Benefits:

  • Arabic Native speakers teachers help with pronunciation
  • Improve your Arabic speaking and writing for work
  • Arabic for Emails, business conversation, and meeting skills
  • The latest Modern Arabic iInteractive course materials and syllabus
  • Cutting edge teaching methodology
  • Learn useful arabic for everyday business situations
  • Interactive learning technology
  • KHDA approved courses with course completion certificate

Special Course:

1- Modern Standard Arabic for beginners:

  1. Initiate social interactions, ask for basic information, and be aware of basic cultural aspects of social interaction in the Arab world

  2. Talk about themselves, their education, and their family with any native speaker of Arabic.

  3. Comprehend simple written texts on familiar topics.

  4. Compose simple paragraphs about themselves.

2- Modern Standard Arabic for intermediate level:

  1. Read and understand simplified texts that relate to issues that are of interest to young Arabs

  2. Expand speech beyond the self to discuss social issues that affect the people around us such as emotion, social problems, etc.

  3. Comprehend simple to more complex sentences that revolve around familiar topics

  4. Comprehend simple audio/video texts on familiar topics.

  5. Express views in simple terms about issues that rotate around the self and the people around them.