All you need to know about Creators Training Center

How is the authenticity of the issued certificate verified?

Each certificate contains a unique number/code, and its identity can always be verified at the Future Creators Center.

Future creators also have a special feature on their website in which the certificate number / code can be written into the online verification system and the relevant data will be displayed - the name of the attendee, the name of the course and other data. This data is the same as the data in the original certificate; Therefore, if the data from the website and the data on the certificate match, this is a sign that the certificate is valid.

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What type of certificate do I get for completed courses?

For each course, Future Creators submit an original Certificate of Completion. It is presented upon completion of each apprenticeship, and includes the title, date, name of the trainee and details of the course attended.

In the event of loss of such a certificate, the Institute for Future Creators can produce a true copy according to the relevant procedure.

Additionally, upon request, we can also provide a Certificate of Completion of a Special Course certified by the UAE Knowledge and Human Development Authority.

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How long does it take to receive certificates?

Certificates of Completion are presented immediately upon completion of each course and delivered to each trainee in the training premises at the end of the course.

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If I am not satisfied with the course, who do I file a complaint with?

We are always happy to hear any kind of suggestions or complaints regarding our services and courses; Thus, all kinds of comments are greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact the administrative department of the “Future Creators Center” UAE, and we will do our best to resolve the matter under the terms of customer satisfaction guarantee.

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How many days in advance will I receive confirmation of a course date change?

In the unlikely event of a change in the course date - we will provide notice of the change as soon as we become aware that a rescheduling is necessary.

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Can Creators Training Center change course dates?

All scheduled courses are usually held on the specified date. However, in some cases course dates may be subject to change. This can happen in the following situations:

  1. In the event that an official holiday is declared in the United Arab Emirates within a short notice.
  2. In the event that a certain number of participants cancel their reservation for the course and the remaining number is not enough to continue the training.
  3. In the event that the course instructor cannot attend and the future creators cannot find a replacement (however, such an event is highly unlikely).

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Is valet parking available at the training venues?

All training venues for the Future Innovators Center courses in Dubai have valet parking facilities.

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What should I do once I reach the place of the course?

The first point is to be aware of when the course starts. Future Creators regular sessions begin at 09:00. Please make sure to arrive at the training venue on time.

When you arrive at the course website, you should find the Training Registration Desk, which will provide you with all the training materials as well as your name badge.

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Do future creators offer online classes?

Our goal is to deliver the most effective and results-oriented training courses. To this end, we strongly believe in the importance of personal interaction. Thus, the majority of trainings in Dubai and other Emirates are regular on-site trainings delivered in physical classrooms.

Some basic and introductory materials can be provided in the form of videos and online courses - as supporting elements for the main courses.

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Do future innovators offer training outside the UAE?

The majority of our courses and programs are offered in the United Arab Emirates.

However, we also have a special section in our academic calendar that contains information about specific courses outside the UAE. For more details, see the course calendar on our website.

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Do future creators offer tailor-made professional training courses?

The exercises within the regular session schedule, the exercises of the business training plan.

Demand on a special order, presents the creators of the future to its corporate clients. Letters such exercises from the participants of the forum. Please contact our administrative department.

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Are there any exams or other requirements to participate in the course?

There are no exams or any test requirements to attend Aton UAE training courses. However, we generally suggest taking into account the level of general knowledge that may be required to understand the scope of some specialized courses.

For some trainings of an advanced or special scope, we also sometimes suggest completing other modules before attending these specific courses.

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What is the average length of the courses?

Regular courses are from 3 to 5 days. Some specialized courses can be anywhere from 1-2 days long or longer than 5 days.

Training starts at 8:30 AM and ends around 15:00.

There are coffee breaks every day between training sessions as well as lunch breaks.

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What is the average number of participants in the course?

Future Innovators have specialized training courses, and therefore focus on smaller groups to be able to deliver high-quality training and high levels of interaction.

For this reason, the average number of participants in vocational training is from 10 to 15 people. For some courses that are categorized as general training, or courses that require less interaction, the number of participants may be slightly higher.

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Who are the participants in the course?

Course participants are mostly professionals in various industries and at different levels - from regular employees to mid- and senior-level managers and business owners.

As per our UAE policies and regulations, our professional training courses are only for people over 18 years of age.

On average, the majority of course participants are between 25 and 45 years old. Our courses in the UAE are mostly attended by UAE residents as well as people from the GCC region.

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Are your courses tailored to suit the UAE market?

Although the UAE is a very cosmopolitan and cosmopolitan market, there are some cultural and other aspects that are specific to Dubai and other countries in the region.

Accordingly, using advanced international practices, Aton Institute courses are modified to fit some of the unique aspects of the UAE and the GCC.

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How often are the courses repeated throughout the year?

Each cycle has a specific schedule and is repeated a certain number of times throughout the year.

Most courses are held regularly 4-6 times a year, but some of the more popular courses are repeated more often.

In the event that you are unable to register in time for the training you wish to attend, simply check our schedule for the next date this course will take place.

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Do you provide course material?

The course is provided with various materials which are made available in print as well as electronically sent via e-mail to the course participants.

The Creators Training Center also recommends some additional additional materials, such as books, reports, and other useful information that can be used for an extended study of the materials.

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Does each course provide information that I am particularly interested in?

Before the start of each course, each course participant receives a pre-course questionnaire form; To provide us with the specific points you would like to include in the course. The course instructor will then pay special attention to these points.

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What course is right for me?

The most effective way to find the most suitable courses for you is to visit the "Courses" section of our website and find the relevant department or area of ​​your professional activity. Once you reach the right section, you will find Future Creators Center courses and trainings related to your specific topic.

Furthermore, we have a specially dedicated advisory team in our administration department in the UAE, who will help you find the courses that may be of particular interest to you. The advisory team can be of great assistance in choosing the right vocational training for you at the Center for Future Innovators.

Get in touch with our administrative team if you'd like to help you choose the best course for you.

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How many courses are offered by future innovators?

We offer a wide range of courses in the UAE related to the different elements of professional education. The number of courses we offer changes according to changing education requirements; However, we offer an average of over 100 courses at any one time. Some are provided on a regular basis and some are on special request.

Special training courses are provided upon special request of the company that wishes to organize such training for its team members.

All courses published on our website and available in the course calendar are offered regularly according to the training schedule.

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What certificates do I get when attending Creators Training courses?

Once you complete any of the training courses offered by the Future Innovators Center, you will receive an original certificate of completion with a special stamp of authenticity.

You have the option to verify the validity of the certificate on the Future Innovators Center website using a unique certificate identification code specifically designated for this.

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Are Creators Training courses licensed in the UAE?

All courses and programs offered by Aton Dubai Institute are fully aligned with the legislative and licensing requirements of the UAE.

We have the master license for professional educational training in addition to a number of international accreditations and certificates.

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What courses does the Future Innovators Center offer?

The Center for Future Innovators offers a full range of training courses in Dubai and abroad, relating to all key aspects of professional education - from key basic skills to advanced seminars and courses in marketing, sales, digital advertising, social media, human resources, management and leadership. Qualifications and other skills.

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